Love, Grow, Go

We are convinced our Gulf Coast community is better because of our mission to Love, Grow and Go.


Gospel love is grounded in gospel soil and produces gospel fruit. This shapes our teaching & our ministry movement. GFUMC is grounded in the conviction that all we have is a sacred gift from God who has been generous with us. And when we decide to offer Christ-like sacrificial love we run the the good risk of transforming our communities! We invite you to take the next step and experience the Love of Jesus through worshipping with us.


Where does gospel love get nurtured? First, we are committed to fostering personal growth through prayer, Bible Study, worship, etc. In addition, we believe that discipleship happens best in circles, not rows. GFUMC is committed to growing disciples through small groups and circles that will continue to lead the Next Generation into faith-filled relationships with Jesus Christ.


We are called to love, grow and then GO! GFUMC is a community who welcomes all, worships together, huddles around the great gospel love of Jesus Christ and then sends that love on mission out into our community and beyond.

Get Involved

Get in touch with Amanda Bichsel if you are interested.

Amanda Bichsel

Programming Lead + Tweens/Teens Minister