Our Grow Group meets at 10:10 am in the fellowship hall building. We have a new  study launching Sunday, August 27. Join the laid-back group that will view a short segment of Bob Goff’s trending “Love in Chaos” series and dig into some life-changing discussion. Bobby Harrleson and Melissa Cook are the leaders. Contact leader, Melissa Cook, (228) 217-6565 for more information.

A little about the new study: “We are so used to being wary of strangers or assuming the worst of people online that encountering someone like Bob—someone who genuinely cares for the people around him—is refreshing, life-giving, and makes us wonder, ‘What’s different about you?’ There is something irresistible about a person who loves Jesus in today’s world.

What if we, like Bob, made a point to let everyone around us know that we care about them, even those we disagree with? What if we swapped the division of our culture for the love of Jesus? That’s what Love In Chaos is all about.”