Our new Study launches Tuesday, September 12. We will meet on Tuesdays at 9 am at Tropical Nutrition across from Ocean Springs Middle School. Grab a shake or tea on your way in, or bring your coffee or water along with you. Join leaders Rev. MJ Kirby and her sister, Cherry Graves, to help find a better rhythm for this crazy, fast paced life we are all living.  Contact Cherry Graves (228) 224-8270 for more information.

A little about the new study: You don’t have to live disconnected from yourself or from God. Have you ever felt unseen, unwanted, or unworthy? If so, you’re not crazy. But there is good news…

There is a way to know who you really are, and live like it, every single day. It’s shockingly practical, down-to-earth, and tangible. While Jesus was on earth, He lived a lifestyle of rhythms that helped Him fight the lies of the enemy. Through His habits, we will discover a roadmap to living lighter, and living as who we really are.

In You Are More Than You’ve Been Told, spoken word artist and bestselling author Hosanna Wong unveils a fresh approach to spiritual disciplines as the practical ways we can stay connected to God and to our true selves.