Purpose: Create a safe, confidential space to share, connect, learn and grow. Tea Time is here to empower and uplift the NextGen of women.

What is Tea Time?

Tea Time is a monthly gathering created for teen girls, where we’ll come together on the first Wednesday of every month. It’s a place where you can discuss things that matter (and are troubling you) —from navigating the challenges of social media and relationships to understanding mental health, body positivity, and building holistic well-being.

Who’s Invited?

Tea Time is open to all middle school and high school girls who want to connect, learn, and grow. We’re here to create a community where your voice is heard, your struggles are understood, and your well-being and dreams are supported.

 Who Will Be There?

At Tea Time, you’ll meet incredible female mental health care professionals, educators, youth ministers, coaches, inspiring community leaders, and caring mentors. 

What to Expect?

Each session might feature engaging discussions, creative art therapy, expert talks, a meal, new friends, and much more. We’re all about making Tea Time an enjoyable and meaningful experience for YOU. 


9|6 “High Tea” –get to know you, hear from YOU what you want to get out of “Tea Time,” FOOD, making friendship bracelets, (We see you TS fans), giveaways, new friends, and more. 

10|4  “Your Body”  w/ Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, Cherry Graves. 

11|1  “Your Mind” w/ Licensed Professional Counselor, Courtney Lee 

12|6. “Your Spirit” w/ JaCo District Attorney, Angel Myers 

We can’t wait to “spill the tea” with the next generation.